Preparing For Retirement

Are You Making a List & Checking It Twice?

Preparing for retirement? Before you “Get There”, you’ll need to consider some very important items and make sure you have “checked each box”, and made sure your affairs are in order and you have the below ten crucial steps “Done”.

Do You Have a Retirement Budget?  What will your income be?  How can you confidently spend the money you have accumulated for retirement? Are your expenses clearly laid out?

Do You Have Adequate Emergency Savings?  Prepare for emergencies by saving at least 3 months’ living expenses, and have that money in a cash equivalent account?

Do You Have a Tax Strategy?  Have a sound tax strategy to guide you through the process of spending money from either taxable or tax-deferred accounts.

Do You Have The Proper Lifestyle & Location Organized?  Consider where you’ll live, both short- and long-term. Have a plan for funding a move and understand the timing involved.

Do You Have Enough Guaranteed Income So Your Fixed Expenses Are Paid?  Have a strategy so that between social security, pensions and annuities all of your fixed expenses can be paid.

Do You Have Your Bucket List Clear?  Write down your personal goals for your retirement years. Explore your dreams, priorities and values.

Do You Have a Long Term Care Plan?  Make arrangements in the event that you or a loved one encounters a health issue requiring full-time care.

Do You Have an Estate Strategy?  Develop an estate approach that includes how you want your assets to be allocated, and who will handle your estate.

Do You Have Your Health Insurance in Place?  Understand your options with Medicare and define a strategy for covering health care expenses for the long haul.

Do You Have a Social Security Strategy?  Have a sound tax strategy to guide you through the process of spending money from both taxable and tax-deferred accounts.

Remember, planning for retirement is not a one size fits all solution.  Make sure to seek good unbiased advice based on your unique circumstances, goals, and dreams.  




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The IFW provides valuable financial education, resources, and services that help people live their best life. 

Please remember, be mindful of the messenger that positions certain products or services as “always” bad or “always” perfect.  The fact of the matter is there are no “bad products” or “perfect products”.   The right product is the one that aligns with your goals and objectives.

The Institute of Financial Wellness believes when it comes to financial decisions; never say “Never” never say “Always”…It Depends.

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