Becky Wilson

I often say insurance found me I didn’t find it but boy am I glad it did.
After 20 yrs. in Outside sales for the Gillette Company and Oral B as a retails sales rep then a B2B Dental Sales rep, I lost my job due to an acquisition. I was handed a copy of Who Moved My Cheese and 16 months of severance. This proved to be perfect timing as I ended up nursing my Mother In Law until she passed and gaining custody of two of my grandsons.

During this time I went in to pay my car insurance and I was asked by my personal agent to work in my local Allstate office part time. Two weeks later the entire family left for vacation leaving me, the unlicensed newbie, in charge of the office. I must have done a good job, because they offered me a full time position and got me licensed. That turned into a new career which evolved into being the Sales &
Marketing manager for my second Agent and a 10 yr. career.

When the Agency was sold, I knew it was time for another change. While trying to decide what to do next, two things happened, I broke my arm so was unable to work and my husband became eligible for Medicare, which me realize how much information there was to discern and how little education people got before
making the decision. I made the decision right then to get my Life & Health license and launched my new career. I met my current mentor & up-line, who guided me towards working with low income, undeserved seniors, the turning 65 market and group Medicare sales. For me it is a privilege for my clients to trust me with their most important decision of deciding their healthcare.

In 2019, at the encouragement of my up-line I started my agency. I had no idea what I was getting into but in three short years I have learned a lot. I now have 15 agents in 8 states. Our motto is to always leave the client better off than where they were before we met them. One of the things that concerns me about what is happening in our country is how reactive we have become. This is putting a lot of retirees in a vary precarious position. We are headed for big changes in our country. We have hit the debt ceiling,
our current tax bill will end in 2026 and Medicare, Medicaid plus Social Security make up over 20% of our national budget. Things have to change. My desire is to begin educating earlier, changing the narrative to proactive and get people prepared for the coming changes.


  • Financial Consultant
  • Retirement Planner
  • Insurance Representative



Becky Wilson

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