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Bob and Diane are 5 to 10 years from retirement.  Their goal is to continue their standard of living during their retirement years. They want to learn how to convert their retirement savings into income, to ensure they do not outlive their savings.  Many of their concerns are focused on market volatility, inflation, potential tax increases, social security, Medicare planning, how to deal with long term care expenses and how to leave a legacy for family and charitable organizations. Gary can help with all of Bob and Diane’s concerns.

If you are within 5 to 10 years of retirement or 5 years post retirement and have similar questions and concerns as Bob and Diane, you need a partner who can help you navigate your retirement income planning needs and goals.  Gary Smith,  has been working with pre-retirees and post Retirees for 40 years. Now his focus is on the distribution phase of your retirement.  Gary will help you transition from accumulation to safely converting your savings into income.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, in January 1979 Gary joined his father’s real estate investment practice. Gary’s father, Reed Smith had been elected CEO of the Real Estate Division of the California Association of Realtors (CAR). In late 1982, Gary became Life and Health plus personal Property Casualty licensed.

Once Gary started working in the financial services industry, he knew he could help make a difference in people’s lives.  Since then, Gary has been guiding families plus pre and post retirees to make well educated decisions with their money.

Gary’s love for learning and desire to help people caused him to become licensed in many financial areas.


  • CA Dept of Insurance # 0631991
  • Life, Accident & Health Licensed
  • Medicare Advantage Certified
  • Annuity & Long Term Care Licensed


  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Asset Maximization
  • Wealth Protection
  • Annuity Specialist

Gary Smith

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