Glenn Thompson

John and Mary are 5 to 10 years from retirement.  Their goal is to continue their standard of living during their retirement years. They want to learn how to convert their retirement savings into income, to ensure they do not outlive their savings.  Many of their concerns are focused on market volatility, inflation, potential tax increases, social security, Medicare planning, how to deal with long term care expenses and how to leave a legacy for family and charitable organizations.

If you are within 5 to 10 years of retirement or just getting started and have similar questions and concerns as John and Mary, you need a partner who can help you navigate your retirement income planning needs and goals.

For over 22 years Glenn has been involved in Retirement Planning for both the Government and Private Sectors. Since 2010 his focus has been in the Federal and State retirement field. He is part of a national network of advisors who work with the employees of these agencies to bring cutting edge technology tools and advice to help prepare for a well-planned and successful retirement.

“I finally felt I had a purpose in my career.”  “It’s a great feeling to help people gain visual clarity about what matters most to them so they can live the retirement lifestyle they want and deserve. I enjoy educating people about their finances, so they can make better informed financial decisions. 

Glenn also works with pre and post retired clients helping them with 401K, 403B etc., rollovers and other retirement account options.

Glenn values integrity and excellence in business, honesty and sincerity in people.

When he is not working, Glenn enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Glenn enjoys traveling and attending his son’s lacrosse games. Glenn was a Chicago Marathon Finisher in 2022 at age 59.

He lives in St Louis, MO with his wife Jo, sons Connor, Justin, Garrett and their dog, Louie.

My Oath is:
“I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, which I shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself.”

I look forward to helping you reach your retirement goals.


  • Licensed Producer, Life, Health & Annuity
  • Retirement & Insurance Specialist


  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Life Insurance & Long-Term Care
  • Annuities

Glenn Thompson

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