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Welcome to the IFW 401(k) Savings & Investment Guide. Your most comprehensive resource for all things 401(k). Learn valuable retirement strategies, browse the latest news and videos, register for the #1 401(k) webinar, use our array of 401(k) calculators, get answers to the most common 401(k) questions, and more!

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401(k) Wealth Maximizer Live Webinar

The IFW 401(k) Wealth Maximizer provides valuable financial education and proven strategies to help you unlock the greatest potential of your 401(k). It is designed to help protect your money from potential downside risks and maximize your future retirement income.

By attending the 401(k) Wealth Maximizer webinar you will:

  1. Understand the difference between accumulation and distribution of your money.
  2. Learn how to build more wealth without saving additional money
  3. Discover ways to use your savings without early withdrawal penalties

PLUS: Every attendee will have the opportunity to receive their very own custom IFW Wealth Maximizer Report that will show how to increase your future income distributions by 30 to 40%!




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Common 401(k) Questions

Your provider should provide online access to easily check how much your 401(k) is worth. Many will also mail a quarterly statement to you. You should also be provided with a phone number to call and get any information you need.
Only when you withdraw money do you pay any tax.
Most plans provide several “funds” to choose from and you decide how much will be placed in any particular fund.
The company providing the 401(k) plan chooses what investment choices you have.
Depending on the plan you may have access immediately or need to wait one year.
You should choose an amount you are comfortable with. Keep in mind it is a pre-tax contribution so roughly for every dollar you put in about seventy five cents comes out of your paycheck.
Your employer matches your contribution usually up to a certain percent or amount. For example if you contribute 3% of your income equaling $2,000 than your employer will put into your account another $2,000. Be aware that any match usually has a vesting schedule of some sort before you can access that matching contribution.
If you are under age 50 than $20,500, if over age 50 than you have another $6,500 catch-up you can save totaling $27,000.
If your plan allows it. Not all plans do.
Contributions are on an after tax basis and it’s earnings are NOT taxable when you withdraw it.
The best thing to do is consult an Estate Planning Attorney to help address all your concerns as well as put together any necessary documents. It is a good idea to sit down and make a list of all of your assets and property, then decide who will be the beneficiary. You should also decide who would make your health care decisions and be your power of attorney (handling your accounts) in the event you can’t.

401(k) Glossary

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