Mel Aguilar

I started my career in the Financial Services Industry and trained as an advisor specializing in pension income planning in 1986. I’m committed and passionate about helping highly compensated professionals and business owners to implement, grow, and invest in the best possible outcomes for their investments and savings.

I’m known as the “Go-To-Advisor” for those wanting no-nonsense, straight, and honest answers through my proprietary process that uses mathematics and historical data tools resulting in achieving their optimal personal and financial goals.

There are many investors and savers who contribute to company-sponsored plans like 401ks, Deferred Comp, TSP accounts, and IRAs or privately invest in the stock market or real estate not realizing that taxes and risk play a major role in determining the net spendable income of these asset classes. When retirement or a catastrophic event happens in their lives, they tend to exhaust monies in an undesirable manner forcing their funds to slowly vanish through untimely withdrawal or risk and have no way to recover. This is called the sequence of returns theory, meaning early losses and withdrawals in a portfolio impact longevity in wealth accumulation. My solutions are designed for the protected growth of money accumulation which are efficiently and effectively shielded from the “Tax Man” or the “Risk Robber.”

I pride myself in my ability to listen to what’s important in my clients’ lives and financial goals preparing them for a successful and worry-free retirement lifestyle.

I pair listening and the clear ability to pay attention to the small details of each client’s situation. Those two characteristics allow for a client to feel heard and for our company to implement and solidify major value for our clients.

Outside of my company, I am happily married to my wife, Jennifer. We enjoy spending many outdoor activities with our two children, living and relaxing in the Sonoma wine country in the Bay Area, Northern California.

For any additional information about our program or services, let’s get on a short, no-obligation call or a google virtual meeting to determine if we can even help you.


  • Registered Financial Consultant (IARFC®)
  • Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠
  • Insurance License - CA DOI 0710867


  • Retirement Income Specialist
  • Wealth & Estate Planning
  • Lifetime Tax-Free Income

Mel Aguilar

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