Rick Collins

Rick Collins comes from the corporate finance world, bringing over a decade of experience as a controller in the oilfield service, drilling, and equipment manufacturing space. He spent another four years as a financial operations consultant, helping companies grow and thrive. He has a Bachelor’s in Finance from LSU and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. His experience in asking questions, truly listening, and providing clear information to aid in decision-making reduces the uncertainty and anxiety normally associated with making life-altering decisions.

Rick left the corporate world four years ago to be more impactful and intentional in helping business owners and individuals plan their financial futures. He helps business owners plan their exit strategy and long-term capital goals so they can maximize their life and lifestyle as a reward for their hard work and entrepreneurship. His main focus, however, is helping families design financial plans to build a retirement worth living so they can enjoy post-work years without fear of outliving their savings, paying exorbitant income tax, and worrying about leaving a legacy for their family.

When not helping people design their financial future, Rick enjoys spending time with his wife and their five kids, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, traveling the world, and cooking. He also leads an entrepreneurship outreach program at his church.


  • Retirement Specialist
  • Life & Annuity


  • Financial Services
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Services
  • Estate Planning

Rick Collins

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