Rolan Jaramillo

Rolan Jaramillo is the managing partner of Safe Financial. He has as been serving the Greater New Orleans & surrounding area for over 35 years with over 6 years as a Safe Retirement Professional. Safe Financial is an independent financial firm helping individuals & families in and around the Greater New Orleans map out a safer & more predictable retirement with guarantees. While most of our business remains local, we have now also expanded our service area helping clients all across the United States remotely by phone or Zoom since the pandemic.

As Safe Retirement Professionals, we have but one singular goal, and that is to help those that have put in the time, sacrificed and saved, get the most out of their hard earned retirement savings. We do this by addressing all of the retirement “what ifs” BEFORE they happen. As well as help our clients generate a guaranteed income stream that will be deposited into their bank accounts with predictability for their entire life.


  • Retirement Professional
  • National Social Security Advisor
  • Life / Health & Annuity Licensed


  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Medicare
  • Retirement Risk Mitigation
  • Social Security Maximization
  • Income Planning

Rolan Jaramillo

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