Tim Johnson ChFC, CLU

IFW Financial Professional Tim Johnson ChFC, CLU IFW Financial Professional Tim Johnson ChFC, CLU

Tim was introduced to the financial industry at a young age, crediting his father, who was a financial and insurance advisor for over half a century. Tim’s father started their firm in 1949. Tim, Jr. his son, is a Certified Financial Planner. So, three generations of his family helping clients with their financial and insurance planning needs.

Tim is a Chartered Financial Consultant and a no-market risk retirement income specialist. He serves many such clients throughout southeastern North Carolina and his success stems from providing high-quality personalized service placing client’s needs above all else. As a retirement and income specialist, his focus is on helping couples and individuals that are in or nearing retirement with the implementation of financial plans for income. Tim says, “the emphasis is on income, because in retirement you don’t live on assets, you live on income.”

One of the most important decisions you make in life occurs at the point in time you declare your retirement and replace your regular, steady income with income from your investment accounts to support your “Golden Years.” Sometimes the folks I work with think they have a retirement plan since they have an investment portfolio. It’s at this point, Tim says, “he is most helpful to his clients.” His financial guidance shifts from asset accumulation to preserving and distributing his client’s assets. He prepares a financial plan that turns accumulated dollars into a predictable reliable income plan, one that gives his clients peace of mind knowing that they will never run out of money.

Tim’s retirement income planning process creates “buckets” of investments appropriate to the time frame in which the income need is anticipated. He earmarks accounts for income and earmarks accounts for growth. His plans, ensures that the money a retiree needs in the near term is safe and predictable, and not subject to the day-to-day market fluctuations, while at the same time positioning some of the assets to receive long-term market returns required to provide an increasing income stream throughout one’s entire lifetime.

Tim says, “You don’t have to swing for the fence with investment risk to achieve financial independence. “Tim Johnson & Associates,” Tim’s company offers safe money alternatives to the stock and bond markets that in many cases enhance the success of one’s retirement.

Wherever you might be in your business and financial life, Tim Johnson & Associates has strategies to help you work toward a secure financial future.

Investment advisory services offered through Virtue Capital Management, LLC (VCM), a registered investment advisor. VCM and Tim Johnson & Associates Inc. are independent of each other.


  • Investment Advisor Representative
  • Chartered Financial Consultant
  • Chartered Life Underwriter
  • Retirement Specialist
  • Life / Long Term Care / Annuity Licensed


  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Services
  • Estate Planning

Tim Johnson

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