Deborah Gamber

Deborah Gamber, educated as a theoretical mathematician believes it’s important to simplify retirement planning strategies and make them easy to understand for her clients with tax efficient distribution planning techniques, which she’s done in her almost 30 years of helping retirees.  

She believes it is important to strive to have the most up to date tax information from CPA sources, since she is not a CPA. Deborah believes it is important for retirees to have several sources of ‘guaranteed’ income, which is not dependent on ‘how the stock or bond market is performing’. This guaranteed monthly income must meet their goal for monthly income needs to meet expenses and the lifestyle they expect to live during their ‘full retirement years’, whether taxable or tax free, because one never knows what rates taxes will be during a 30 year retirement. 

This type of planning gives clients choices as they are withdrawing income from a variety of sources during their retirement years and also allows them to leave a legacy after they’re gone, if that’s a goal for them as well.  Basically, giving them approval to spend what they want/need each month, because they know every month another ‘pay check’ will arrive in their mailbox!


  • RFC (Retirement Financial Consultant)
  • Financial Planner
  • Life/Annuity Licensed
  • Long Term Care Licensed


  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Wealth Management
  • Income Preservation

Deborah Gamber

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