Jeremiah Nolen

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Athens State University, I have thrived in the Financial Services industry for over two decades. Throughout my esteemed career, I have held leadership positions overseeing prominent regional banks.

As an Independent Fiduciary Advisor, my role is to offer expert guidance and prioritize trustworthiness in financial matters. Setting myself apart, I hold the prestigious NSSA® (National Social Security Advisor) certificate, making me the sole certificate holder in North Alabama.

At Nextphase Advisors, we understand that retirement planning can feel overwhelming and uncertain. Our dedicated team is here to support you on this journey. We believe that unexpected events can significantly impact your financial well-being, so our mission is to empower you with a solid retirement strategy.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I derive great joy from my enduring marriage to Jessica, my remarkable partner of over 16 years. Together, we have built a beautiful family, blessed with four wonderful children who bring immense happiness to our lives.


  • Independent Fiduciary Advisor
  • NSSA® (National Social Security Advisor)
  • Life, Heath & Annuity
  • Retirement Planning Specialist


  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Reduction

Jeremiah Nolen

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