Johan van der Horst

IFW Financial Professional Johan van der Horst IFW Financial Professional Johan van der Horst

Textile Engineer and Product Developer. As Small International Business owner for 37 years there was very little time to read all insurance policies that had to be paid to travel, buy, sell, pack, ship, install, and collect the contracted machinery and keep his business and family assets protected.

He was lucky to make enough money to overcome all mayor health and incident issues, but Retirement Planning fell through the cracks. Several cycles of high inflations and devaluations, recessions, bank nationalizations and/or closures, plus a mishandling of his IRA account by a greenhorn captive advisor, made it very clear to him that he needed a better understanding of the many lines of insurance, IRS planning, and utilization of Social Security.

He was forced to retire in 2007 and got his certifications in P&C and L&H as National Producer in 2008 and started as a captive agent to learn all about the policies, clauses, and exemptions not known and paid for so many years.

He specialized in Group and Individual Health Insurance and Financial Benefits. He went independent in 2012 to serve his customers better with more options for individualizing their business and family needs.


  • Certified Life, Heath & Annuity
  • Certified Property & Casualty


  • Retirement Planning
  • Group and Individual Health Insurance
  • Financial Benefits

Johan van der Horst

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