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IFW Financial Professional Leon King IFW Financial Professional Leon King

Leon King has fought for the freedom of this country and he continues to fight for your financial freedom. As a United States Navy veteran who served in the “silent service” elite submarine force including combat zones during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), he knows what it takes to protect and preserve while hitting targets and strategizing the best possible outcome.

He has worked with and trained hundreds of financial professionals across the country along with maintaining hundreds of clients. His primary focus is informing and educating his clients on the proper protection of assets and how to harness the power of pure compound interest to make those assets grow, securely leverage to accelerate the growth, and maximize the efficiency of money in every decision throughout all the various stages of life. He is humbly mindful of the fact that “none of his clients have ever lost a penny” and he ensures they are in the best possible position to win. In everything he does, the core values of the Navy—honor, courage and commitment—are at the forefront and every move he makes is done with integrity in the best interest of the client.

His team at MODERN Financial Group provides services for every realm of the financial spectrum to include debt relief, financial education, retirement planning, life insurance and annuities, health insurance, disability income protection, tax strategy, estate planning, business succession planning, in addition to both early- and late-stage college planning.

Reach out to him today to begin your financial freedom journey so you can make more money, keep more money, and make your money work for you. Your future is bright when things are done right!

“We must plan and prepare for tomorrow while living and enjoying today.”

– Leon


  • MPI® Certified Advisor
  • Financial Advisor
  • Estate Planning Coordinator
  • Insurance Representative



Leon King

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