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IFW Financial Professional Mark Valentich IFW Financial Professional Mark Valentich

Mark Valentich is the President and Founder of Valentich Wealth & Retirement. He credits the success of his practice to the work ethic he learned from both of his parents, as well as “being his own boss” early on, first as a paperboy at age 12, and then as a weekend sports card dealer through his high school and college years. As Mark puts it, “Doing everything possible to take care of a client started with simple newspapers, and it evolved to helping clients make sense of their complex financial papers.”

Carefully listening to a client’s needs and desires for retirement, along with exploring and understanding their concerns, has meant that people from all walks of life have become Mark’s clients, such as laborers, doctors, state and federal workers, professional athletes, trade workers, executives, business owners, and retirees. Whether blue collar, white collar, or no collar, Mark has a special way of connecting with people and understanding what matters most to them, from finances to family.

As an independent firm, clients benefit from Mark’s ability to offer a wide array of products and solutions from various companies. This means he works in the best interest of the client, not having to offer a “one size fits all” approach from only one company. Initial and ongoing education is a crucial component for clients working with Valentich Wealth & Retirement, and Mark ensures that they understand the retirement risks, how to minimize them, and then live a “happily ever after” retirement.

Mark is a family man through and through, and when he’s not helping clients reach and maintain their optimal retirement, he invests his time with his wife and two daughters, frequently vacationing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or spending time with friends at live comedy shows and sporting events. He also enjoys reading, journaling and writing, including his upcoming retirement preparedness book which is due out later this year.


  • Retirement Planner
  • Life / Health & Annuity Licensed


  • Income Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Legacy Planning

Mark Valentich

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