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Melissa Dawson lives in Ken Caryl, Colorado.  She’s the sole owner of Premier Wealth Concepts LLC, an Independent Advisor Agency that covers many aspects of a households’ needs.  Melissa’s focus is on safety, tax efficiencies, protection from market crashes, liability protection, estate planning with Wills & Trusts, college aid planning, growing your net worth every year, to simply mitigating life’s many uncertainties like not running out of money before running out of life.

Being frugal and a saver, Melissa began her career earning money at the age of 10.  She shoveled snow, babysat, paper routes, detasseled corn, waited tables, customer service, and sporting good sales.  This got her up through college where she graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Public Administration.  She had the idea of becoming a Mayor, City Manager, or a planner in Public Budgeting because she had a heart to serve.  She was the first college intern for the United Way of Central Iowa taking on a role of a Loaned Executive in their fundraising efforts.  Before graduation, while speaking on behalf of the United Way, she was swooped up by one of the big Insurance companies.  This kicked off her career in the Insurance and Financial industry.

Melissa gained experience in Property & Casualty with Nationwide, 401k Administration with Principal Financial Group, Life & Long Term Care Insurance along with Disability Income and Securities at Northwestern Mutual, and Key Bank where she acquired a Stock Broker and Investment Advisor license. She’d had enough with the corporate world and knew being an Independent Advisor meant acquiring her own clients and doing what’s in their best interest, not the interest of corporate agenda’s.

Now more than ever, we need to be more efficient, not only with our time but with our money.  Now, is the time to have a serious conversation, about what life will look like the day we decide to stop working.  How you accumulate money during your working years, call it climbing up the mountain, is very different than decumulating while coming down the mountain.  Most climbers die coming down Mt Everest.  They run out of their supply of oxygen, water, or weather rolls in.  Maybe you’re one of the unlucky ones that never made it to the top.  Unfortunately, we’ve not been told the truth by Wall Street, and the government sure hoped you wouldn’t figure out the math.  They do not have your safety, let alone your best interest in mind.

While Melissa is held to a fiduciary standard, it doesn’t take a fiduciary to do basic math.  The motivation of becoming an Independent Advisor was for ethical reasons.  Banks, Corporations, Wall Street, care more about their agenda, their bottom line.  Melissa cares about your bottom line.  She certainly cares about operating her own financial household with maximum efficiency, so why not pass along her experience and help her clients do the same.

Melissa is a mom to two teenage boys.  She oversees their homeschooling efforts as independent learners. Together they enjoy snow skiing, golfing, soccer, trail running, hiking 14er’s (those peaks above 14,000 ft), vacationing to adventurous places, and scouting.  She currently serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster in her sons’ Boy Scout troop, mentoring and teaching life skills to young scouts.  Her family also enjoys serving in their church community.


  • Life, Accident & Health Licensed
  • Annuity & Long Term Care Licensed


  • Retirement Specialist
  • Annuity Specialist
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • College Aid Planning
  • Tax Free Income Strategies

Melissa Dawson

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