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Nora L. Hartquist is a financial educator in Northern Virginia. Her informative retirement workshops have been requested and attended by both CSRS & FERS Federal Employees, Military Retirees, Federal Contractors, Teachers and County Employees in the VRS System, as well as Law  Enforcement Officers. Ms. Hartquist has taught retirement classes at both  Mary Washington and George Mason University in Virginia.


Certified Estate Planning Professional (CEP®): With 17 years of experience working with a network of attorneys nationwide to assist clients in coordination of their legal  documents, Ms. Hartquist is extremely knowledgeable concerning planning for, and  efficient distribution of, assets to heirs. Ms. Hartquist attends, and has taught at, The  Advanced Estate Planning Conference annually. Ms. Hartquist is also a CEP, and  Member of the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners, listed in good standing at

Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF®): As a Certified Financial Fiduciary, and a charter member the National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries, Ms. Hartquist adheres to the CFF Code of Conduct and the strict guidelines of the NACFF, and is required to  give you advice that is in your best interest, not her own, practicing the Duties of Loyalty,  Good Faith, Good Care for her clients, educating them first, using a Holistic Approach,  with full disclosure, comparisons of suggested products, full confidentiality and adhering  to strict professional practice management. (

Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC®): Ms. Hartquist is uniquely qualified to advise clients on Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care coverage, and other alternative planning strategies for incapacitation.. Focusing on “hybrid solutions”

Master Elite IRA AdvisorsSM : Ed Slott’s Advisor Group receives intense, advanced ongoing education in IRA Distribution, taking exams semi-annually to ensure their  knowledge is up-to-date with current laws, participating in email alerts and  teleconferences on the latest changes to IRA tax laws. (

Chartered Federal Benefits Consultant® ChFEBC®: Ms. Hartquist is certified in Federal benefits, studies updates annually, and is tested on her knowledge. As a member   of FedSavvy she is often called upon to do full 3 day workshops on benefits.  ( )

American Financial Educational Alliance (AFEA) President Stafford Chapter: Ms. Hartquist is certified in Federal benefits, studies updates annually, and is tested on her knowledge. As a member of FedSavvy she is often called upon to do full 3 day workshops on benefits.

National Ethics AssociationTM: By joining the National Ethics Association (NEA) Ms. Hartquist has placed herself in a position of scrutiny. She encourages due diligence of  consumers, rather than hiding from it. To view her National Ethics Association Member’s  Profile visit (

Retire Abundantly Published 2016, Co-Author with Scott Keffer: Ms. Hartquist’s first book. Look for Ms. Hartquist’s 2nd book RetireSmart.Online In 2018!


Ms. Hartquist creates Life Income-Living Asset Cycle (LI-LACSM )plans to replace or supplement  income, while reducing exposure to market losses. This plan is customized according to each  individual’s need and risk tolerance, planning for tax efficient income and inflation. In addition,  Ms. Hartquist provides a comprehensive, yet simple to understand, Family Contingency Plan (a  retirement “road map”) for each unique situation, pre-planning for incapacitation, loss or  reduction of Pension and/or Social Security Income due to loss of a spouse, etc. As a Master  Elite IRA Advisor Ms. Hartquist provides a Comprehensive IRA Plan to maximize your IRA,  minimize taxes and pass it efficiently to your heirs. Finally, a Comprehensive Estate Plan will  help pass your estate quickly and tax efficiently to your heirs. If you attend one workshop this  year looking for ways to protect your capital, don’t miss Nora Hartquist’s workshop!


Ms. Hartquist has a B.A. from Louisiana State University in New Orleans, where she received the  Phi Beta Kappa award. She was an educator in the Orleans Parish Public Schools for many years,  then founded Success Leadership Systems, Inc., successfully coaching corporations and  individuals in attaining their goals. Concurrently, in the mid 1980’s, Ms. Hartquist’s two other  companies, Hartquist Investments and A La Carte Real Estate, became #1 in the south in helping  people invest in government properties. She was named #1 Woman Investor in real estate in the  U.S. in 1985, appearing on national television with many guest appearances on a local TV talk  show, “Successful Money.” Using her vast background as a base, she then completed her  education in financial services and has dedicated herself exclusively to assisting those age 50 and  over with their finances for the last 25 years, working to help protect their principal and striving  to make their money and income last throughout their lifetime. Ms. Hartquist has mentored other  professionals from around the country on her techniques for retirees and is currently developing a  web site to teach others.

Current Companies: 

Ms. Hartquist is the founder and owner of two affiliated firms,  GuidedQuest, LLC, a Virginia Licensed Registered Investment Advisory Firm, and Hartquist &  Noblet, LLC, an insurance licensed firm that also provides Estate Planning coordination and  assists in Estate Settlement.


  • Certified Estate Planning Professional (CEP®)
  • Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF®)
  • Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC®)
  • Master Elite IRA Advisors SM
  • Chartered Federal Benefits Consultant® (ChFEBC®)
  • American Financial Educational Alliance (AFEA) President Stafford Chapter
  • National Ethics Association TM


  • Retirement Income Specialist
  • Insurance Services
  • Risk Management
  • Pension Maximization
  • Estate Planning

Nora Hartquist

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