Paul Miekczynski

Having helped numerous clients with their financial needs over the course of my career, I have built a unique expertise surrounding Tax-Advantaged and Lifetime Income strategies so you can:

**Grow your wealth for the future
**Access it today as needed
**Protect it from the various risks and threats that can derail your hard-earned wealth if you’re not careful.

Remember, retirement is NOT ONLY about how much money you save it’s ALSO about how much money you and your heirs get to keep!

Working in the Tax-Free Income and Retirement Planning realm. I have been providing valuable insight and strategies to families, friends and clients seeking greater Tax Saving benefits and Peace of mind for their future, family and retirement. Excellent yet simple strategies for Small Business owners, working professionals, those over funding Tax-Deferred accounts and seeking Tax-Free Retirement. Glad to chat and have a conversation soon.


  • 215 Life, Heath & Annuity


  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax-Free Income
  • Insurance Specialist

Paul Miekczynski

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