Rocky Case

IFW Financial Professional Rocky Case IFW Financial Professional Rocky Case

Rocky Case is celebrating 36 years in the financial services industry. During this time, he has administered a retirement plan 1985-2000 – $1.2 Million in monthly contributions and over 500 active participants.

He has studied “The Infinite Banking System” (Life Insurance) under the founder, R. Nelson Nash. Worked with “The Circle of Wealth” (Life Insurance) under the founder, Don Blanton and taught many financial education classes.

“We offer financial plans at affordable prices that are simple or sophisticated, depending on the need. Let us save you the time of doing the planning. Let us do the planning so you can spend more time with your client.

Our goal is to help you help your clients. We’ll help you build a financial plan for your clients that will showcase you and your talents and we’ll save you a ton of time in the process”.


  • Certified Financial Planner for 27 years
  • Charted Mutual Fund Councilor for 25 years
  • Certified in Long Term Care 1995-2012
  • Certified Worksite Instructor 1996-2012
  • Certified Retirement Administrator 1997-2005


  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Long Term Care
  • Tax Reduction

Rocky Case

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