Stephanie Walter

Stephanie Walter is a wealth strategist, capital raiser, syndicator, author and the CEO of Erbe Wealth.

She has been helping her clients to follow the key principles she has learned from her wealthy investors.  She teaches professional people to “unlearn” what most of us have been wired to think about money and she re-educates people to learn the secrets of the wealthy investor that can be life transforming.

Over years of working with her investors, Stephanie discovered that the very wealthy view and use money differently than the rest of us; they actively have their money working for them — sometimes in several places at the same time! They also strategically look at tax mitigation on every investment. They use leverage to accelerate their wealth and give them tax free income upon retirement.

Stephanie realized these strategies can be used by anyone, not just the rich.

Her passion is teaching busy professionals about the tools and investment strategies used by the wealthiest 1% and to prepare her investors to retire well and happy with a legacy.

She is an author of her book “Shattering Money Myths:  How the Wealthy Invest” and the host of her podcast “Engineering Wealth Today”.  She lives with her husband and young son Bobby in Colorado.


  • Life & Health Licensed
  • Annuity Licensed
  • Long Term Care Licensed


  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care

Stephanie Walter

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