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Your Free Custom IFW Retirement Roadmap will assess your current financial situation and map out year-by-year where you are headed, financially! Not only will you get a FREE IFW Retirement Roadmap, but you will also review your roadmap with a Financial Professional, you select, from our IFW Network. Your Financial Professional will help you understand exactly where you are headed and potentially offer suggestions that may improve your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You should be prepared to provide the IFW Concierge (the individual you will have your first 15-25 minute phone meeting with) the following:

  • There is no cost for the IFW Retirement Roadmap.
    Will I need to give my social security number or sensitive information?Absolutely not.  No account #s, Social Security #s, Credit Card #s.

  • Some of the IFW Financial Professionals are Fiduciaries and some are not Fiduciaries. You will be selecting the Financial Professional you like from our IFW Network List so if that is important to you it is possible. Rest assured, all of our IFW Network Financial Professionals are licensed and qualified.

  • In order to be part of the IFW Network of Financial Professionals the Financial Professional MUST be independent, unbiased, and NOT captive to any one financial institution.

  • It will take 3-4 days to prepare your IFW Retirement Roadmap.

  • Should the IFW Financial Professional see an opportunity to improve your situation they will schedule a follow up meeting with you to present you with ideas on how they might be able to help you.

  • There is absolutely no obligation to work with the IFW Financial Professional.  However, if they share their ideas and are able to improve your situation, we hope you will consider working with them to implement the strategies, if that makes sense for you.

  • The IFW is a financial education and media company with a mission to help consumers at their unique stage of life make informed decisions. You can visit the IFW at, sign up for the IFW E-Newsletter, find us on social media, attend one of our webinars, watch our videos, or listen to a Podcast.

  • The IFW Financial Professionals are compensated by the many different financial institutions they may use for their clients, similar to how a real estate agent gets paid by a homeowner.

  • The IFW is a media, technology, and marketing company.  The IFW earns revenue from sponsorships, subscriptions, and marketing fees.

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