Your IFW Retirement Roadmap Experience Will Help You…

Lower or Eliminate Taxes in Retirement  Mitigate the Effects of Market Volatility on Your Portfolio  Never Run Out of Money in Retirement

Here’s What’s Next…

  • You will be paired with your IFW Financial Professional for an introductory meeting to gather the necessary information to build your roadmap
    (You will receive a calendar invite shortly from your financial professional. Please make sure to add your meeting day/time/zoom link to your calendar.)

  • After your introductory meeting, your Financial Professional will prepare your roadmap and present it to you at your next meeting. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and find out if there are any ways to improve your situation.

  • You and your IFW Financial Professional can decide if it makes sense to explore ways to improve your situation and work together.



Your IFW customized Retirement Roadmap is complimentary and 100% confidential.
Absolutely not. No account numbers, social security number, or sensitive personal information. You will only need to provide general financial information and balances to build an accurate retirement roadmap.
There is zero obligation. Once you review your roadmap, what happens next is totally up to you. Many times, people choose to learn more from the financial professional about how to improve their situation and then mutually decide if they wish to continue the relationship, but it’s up to you.
Every IFW Financial Professional is licensed, vetted, qualified and experienced. Each financial professional undergoes a thorough interview and onboarding process with the IFW.

The IFW Financial Professionals, resource partners, and thought leaders hold over 35 of the most trusted, prestigious, and valued certifications and accreditations in the financial services industry!

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