Financial Check-up

The IFW Financial Check-Up is the best way to make sure your financial health is on track for sustainable financial well-being. You will gain more clarity and confidence in your budget management, your understanding of how to position short, mid, and long term savings goals, and the importance of a solid risk management program.

Every single financial check-up is fully customized based on each person’s unique situation and stage of life! Additionally, you will have the opportunity to select a qualified and licensed IFW Financial Professional to help you review your situation, and address your goals and concerns.

What’s the Process?

The IFW Financial Check-Up is a 100% complimentary and confidential process that will provide you with valuable information and strategies to achieve your financial goals and live your best life.

Step One: The Assessment

This is a brief 15-minute phone call so we can learn more about your specific situations, goals, and concerns. It is also a chance for you to ask any questions. You will then select an IFW Financial Professional that makes sense for you and your situation.

Step Two: Your One-On-One Consultation

During this meeting, your IFW Financial Professional will learn more about you and make sure they have accurate information about your financial goals, and concerns. You will learn strategies and concepts that are the foundation for financial success.

Step Three: Address Your Situation

Should you choose to continue the process, your IFW Financial Professional will present specific recommendations to address your unique situation and achieve your goals so you can live your best life.


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