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The IFW Retirement Score is your key to unlocking financial success in retirement. Think of it as your credit score for the golden years – a higher score means more opportunities and fewer uncertainties. It’s not just a number; it’s a comprehensive evaluation of your retirement readiness. It assesses the likelihood of achieving your retirement goals, from financial stability to pursuing your passions without constraints.

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People thinking ahead and preparing for retirement that want to make sure they achieve all their retirement dreams and goals.

People close to and nearing retirement that may not be aware of certain strategies to significantly increase their retirement income without having to save additional money or take on more risk!

People in retirement that may think their plan is already set and they don’t have any more options.

eBook Takeaways

  • Learn what the Retirement Score is and how it has helped countless people live a better retirement
  • Find out the math and science behind how the retirement score is calculated and why it’s so trusted!
  • Discover proven strategies that will help you lower taxes in retirement, protect your portfolio, and ensure you have enough money to last.
  • Receive a complementary offer to get your custom Retirement Score & learn ways to increase it
  • Gain access to The IFW’s free library of retirement resources and IFW’s Certified Financial Professionals


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Analyst Reports serves thousands of members and have provided research through some of the world’s leading brokerages for over a decade–and continue to be one of the best information sources for investors and investment professionals worldwide. Analyst Report’s roster boasts decades of financial experience and includes top financial writers, FINRA® BrokerCheck® certified professionals with current and valid CRD® number designations, as well as Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation holders, to ensure up to date factual information for active readers on the topics they care about.

Why Should You Trust The IFW?

“The most financially informative, educational experience I’ve ever had.  The webinar taught me critical fundamentals which I was surprised that nobody had ever mentioned.”

“The IFW has one of the best if not the best one out there.  I’ve watched several and every time I watch the IFW webinar, I feel I’m learning something new.  I love their energy!”

These are actual webinar attendees and clients referred by The Institute of Financial Wellness to a Financial Professional and they were not paid any compensation for these testimonials or comments.


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The IFW Financial Professionals, resource partners, and thought leaders hold over 35 of the most trusted, prestigious, and valued certifications and accreditations in the financial services industry!

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