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Carla Garcia

IFW Certified Financial Professional

Carla spent the last two decades working as a Financial Advisor. For Carla no matter where the client came from or how much money they had accumulated, they are each unique and her philosophy always has revolved around building relationships and acting as a fiduciary. It’s a beacon that directs every customer interaction. During her career she gained experience working with a diverse clientele ranging from business owners, celebrities, CEOs, professional athletes, healthcare professionals, government employees and hardworking individuals.  The most part of her career she worked with Merrill Lynch and Citibank in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale markets allowing her to gain extensive experience with Domestic and International clients.

Carla has a strong passion for Retirement. In 2006 she enrolled in the College for Financial Planning and complete the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® designation. She is focused on helping clients navigate the retirement process and her goal is to ensure her clients are living their best life while building strategies to guard those plans. Carla believes no person should say “I am all set for retirement”, most of the times there is something that could be improved and an added value to the existing plan. Carla encourages her clients to live their retirement and spend your money, yes, she wants to make sure you can enjoy your assets, then leave a family legacy, you can do both! but have a plan to use your money first and enjoy retirement. Regarding all the risks such as longevity, health care cost, market volatility? Carla will help you prepare. 

Her relationship with clients- In her past years Carla’s clients have refer to her as a KEEPER, their keeper.  During her career she has truly believed that having a keeper to consult with, help manage and look for your best interest and make you accountable is critical to achieving success and being financially healthy.

As an Independent Licensed Financial Keeper Carla can provide clients with choice (one stop shopping), help you make smart decisions, and achieve Financial Wellness all while acting as a Fiduciary to her clients. When Carla isn’t working, she dedicates her personal time to her family. Carla feels fortunate to have three amazing children, Nicholas, and twins Max and Mia and Tiny her 2 year old Shih-Poo.

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