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Jamie Randazzo

IFW Certified Financial Professional

Jamie Randazzo has been helping retirees and pre retirees plan for their ‘non-working years’ since 1996. Working as a registered investment advisor, Jamie always puts his clients’ interests first.

He specializes in retirement lifestyle planning with an emphasis on Tax Free Long Term Care. With tax efficiency and lifetime income as secondary objectives, simply reducing a tax bill creates extra income with no risk.

Working with educators since the beginning, Jamie likes to educate all his clients about money, taxes, investing, and retirement planning. Coaching people and business owners on how to reduce their tax bill and grow their wealth is equally important. Working from his experiences from the last 20 years in the industry can lead to a profound difference in how people view their financial situation.

It can be as simple as that. Sometimes, a business owner learns that they can legally shelter a much larger amount that thought they could. When reviewing risk, some clients realize that they are taking the same amount of risk as they did in 2008 when the market retreated close to 50%.

Putting the clients best interest first and utilizing volatility buffers and protective indexing may enable Jamie to help his clients find comfort and security in their plans. Through the education process and armed with knowledge, everyone has the opportunity to build and understand a strong investment plan.

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