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Jesse Maltzman

IFW Certified Financial Professional

Jesse Maltzman is a Certified Financial Planner™(CFP®) and Chartered Financial Consultant®(ChFC®) located in Westchester County, New York. Jesse has been advising successful professionals and business owners on securing their families’ financial futures since 2003.

He has had the privilege of helping hundreds of families to educate their children, plan for and transition to retirement, and to plan for the orderly transfer of the fruit of their hard work to their children, grandchildren and the institutions that are important to them. “My clients are concerned about the growing burden of taxes, market volatility, and the prospect of outliving their assets.

Our work solves for these risks and gives our clients the peace of mind that allows them to live their vision for retirement. They know that they are well prepared for the journey having a detailed map to guide them and an experienced navigator to keep them on course.” After 16 years of working for major financial firms in 2019 Jesse launched his practice as an independent advisor. Being independent allows Jesse to provide clients with a highly personal experience, free from the conflicts of interest inherent in representing a large firm.

Most large firm compensation structures are designed to align advisors’ compensation with the interests of the firm, not their clients. As an independent adviser Jesse utilizes the full range of available securities, money managers and financial products to create customized plans that address client’s retirement income and estate planning needs. “As a father and husband, the manner in which I work with clients is wholly driven by my own similar efforts to plan and invest for my family’s financial future and an enduring desire to provide the quality of experience I would hope my own family would receive.”

Jesse is a husband, a father of 3 great kids, and enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities. When not working with clients Jesse enjoys all the wonderful opportunities that living in New York provides, from biking the North Trail and kayaking on the Hudson River to enjoying the dining and entertainment options of New York City.

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