IFW Financial Professionals

Mark Stimpson

IFW Certified Financial Professional

Mark is a founder and managing partner of Elevated Financial Management & he is both owner & president of Mark A Stimpson and Associates Inc. Our company mission is based on the core principle that education is truly needed to fully understand one’s current financial situation & then be able to implement the different income, investment, or tax strategies that will lead to a stress free & successful retirement. Mark is also a nationally certified Social Security Advisor & he teaches both Income & Social Security planning at 2 local community colleges.

Mark is also an expert on the many different rollover strategies for 401 k’s, IRA’S, 403B’S, TSP’S and any other qualified retirement plan. Mark is also an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative), a certified retirement planner, certified financial educator, and a certified senior advisor. As a way to give back, Mark volunteers to teach basic financial literacy along with many other financial subjects through different sized corporation human resource departments. Mark is Father to 3 wonderful children & 2 awesome grandsons. Mark loves to play golf, racquetball, & cook. Mark loves to spend quality time with friends but especially with his beautiful wife of 40 years.

Let Mark show you how to plan for & then implement a truly stress free retirement strategy that will become reality & not just a fairy tale.

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