IFW Financial Professionals

Rich Slavin

IFW Certified Financial Professional

Rich has spent 40 years in financial services helping clients maximize retirement income, reduce taxes,
and protect their families.  He focuses on retirement income planning and ensuring that clients continue enjoying their lifestyle beyond their working years.
Originally from Ohio, where he was president of his senior class in college, Rich lives in Sherman Oaks, CA, where he is an active community volunteer.  He serves on several non-profit boards, has been a Big Brother for many years, and coached hundreds of baseball, soccer, and basketball games when his son was growing up.
“Making a difference in people’s lives in everything I do is imperative and excites me to get up in the morning. I'll treat you like family, and I would do anything to protect and take care of my family.
I also speak for who you'll be in 10, 20, or even 30 years. There's a 50% chance one member of a couple age 65 will be around at 92 and a 25% chance one will be around at 97. So, helping you to make
responsible decisions is a responsibility I take very seriously.”

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