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Todd S. Smith, CFP®, ChFC®, CTM®, CLTC

IFW Certified Financial Professional

Todd began his financial services career in the late 1990’s working for Prudential Securities in NY soon after graduating from Hamilton College.

Since then, he has developed a diverse and valuable financial background as an investor and advisor, working for both small boutique financial planning firms, as well as larger financial corporations.Since 2012, Todd has focused on working with Accountants and other tax professionals, helping them offer more proactive and holistic planning to their clients.

In doing so he formally launched Level 5 Financial and Level 5 Insurance Services.  As a business owner and entrepreneur, himself, Todd enjoys designing creative wealth creation & preservation strategies, advanced tax mitigation, tax-optimized and safe retirement income strategies, and business advisory within a virtual family office ecosystem to maximize the potential of business owners and high net-woth families.

Todd is a lifelong learner; he typically aims to read at least 25-30 books and log an average of 40 hours of continuing education annually.  Todd has earned some of the most of the coveted industry designations such as Certified Financial Planner®, Charted Financial Consultant®, Certified Tax Master®, and Certification in Long-Term CareTM. Todd currently resides in Colorado Springs with his wife and son.

Outside of work, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors, at the ice hockey rink, or planning his next trip.

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