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Are We In A Super Bubble & Might It Just Burst?

A Volatility Buffer May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

Are we in a super-bubble?  What exactly is a super-bubble?

According to 50-year legendary investor veteran Jeremy Grantham in a recent MarketWatch
feature  – we are possibly heading for a superbubble meltdown.  It’s considered a superbubble
because this one is spanning across all assets including stocks, bonds, real estate, and

If you are young enough and have time to recover – no need to panic – your portfolios have time
on their side to recover.

But if you are nearing retirement or already retired, you may want to think about protecting what
you will need to use for income.  If there is a major correction and you need that money now to
live your portfolio has less chance to recover and you increase the chance of running out of

One solution to this is a volatility buffer.  What is a volatility buffer?  It is an asset not tied to the
markets that can’t go down.  Volatility buffers can include options like a savings account, money
markets, cash value life insurance, which is also tax-free by the way, a fixed indexed annuity
among several other things.

Having a volatility buffer strategy in pace can help ensure you live your best life in retirement!


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