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Let’s Talk Financial Apps

Here are some things you need to be aware of

Not long ago there was the Bank or a Brokerage house where you put your money.Now there are
so many financial apps to choose from. For that matter different types of financial apps. Like
budgeting, saving etc. Before you start to download, use and invest here are some things you
should be aware of.
First, your Security. This is where you want to read the privacy or security statement. You may
also want to look for encryption and two-factor authentication. You want your personal
information to remain safe.
Who is saying what about the app. Coming from the New York Times is one thing, an
anonymous blog is another.
Research the App Developer and their reputation. Read reviews and see what others are saying,
good and bad.
Before you start to use the app, make sure you understand all the features. Don’t just dive in.
Make sure the features it has are the features you want. Also, pay attention to any fee’s or

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