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Lots of Things are Happening, Do I need to Change My Financial Plan?

Remember, The Only Thing You Have to Fear is Fear Itself!

There are so many financial issues to be concerned about here at home, like inflation. Globally
with a war in Ukraine it can be easy to become worried, even scared of what could happen
concerning your money. It can be easy to want to make changes concerning your money that
may make you feel better now but could be bad for you long term, maybe even short term.
So, what can you do?
First, don’t panic, don’t let the fear get the best of you. Remember the only thing you have to
fear, is fear itself.
Take a step back and review what your plan is. Remind yourself of why you have that plan in the
first place and what it will accomplish overall. Don’t have a plan you say. Well again, don’t
panic. Not having a plan is actually a plan, just not the one you probably want.

To help get a handle on this and what can be a great place to start is attending our weekly
IFW retirement roadmap webinar.  Oh, it’s free, every Wednesday at 7 pm EST.

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