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Save Your Emotions For Your Favorite Valentine!

Keep Your 401(k) In Safe Hands & Worry Free

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Nothing like taking your loved one to a romantic dinner at your
favorite restaurant. But remember, keep your hands on the wheel, drive carefully, and of course,
don’t forget the flowers!
There is another drive however where it just might be a good idea to take your hands OFF the
wheel.  I’m referring to your 401k and its underlying investments.

Yes, the market seems a little wild with its “mood” swings.  There is something you can do, or
perhaps not do.  That is take yourself out of the equation.
Let me start with, if you are younger, try not to worry,  you have time to deal with market ups
and downs.  If you are down 15% you have time to recover.  If, however you are getting closer to
retirement or are retired then you need to put in place some strategy or strategies to effectively
deal with a down market.  Either way though, who doesn’t want more security and better
A wise choice is to work with a trusted financial advisor who can help make decisions and help
remove the emotion.  An experienced financial professional can help you incorporate a
volatility buffer.  What is that?  A volatility buffer is something that is not correlated to the
market so it CAN’T and WON’T go down.  Some examples are products as simple as a money
market, savings account, or cash value life insurance.
And remember, keep your specific goals in mind, consider having a professional drive your
financial car, and save your emotions for that someone special on this Valentine’s day!

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