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The Fed Raised Rates, Now What?

Let's talk about what you can do to be prepared!

So the fed raised interest rates by a quarter-point and said they expect to raise rates again six
more times in 2022. Wow. So now what?
First don’t panic. Think about any major purchases you may be considering this year. Like a
new car, appliance, a new TV or especially buying a house or refinancing one. Moving forward
now or at least soon may be a good idea. Keep in mind however with higher interest rates prices
could go down.
There is however a flip side to higher interest rates. One thing is that could show up positively in
your returns and investments. Higher interest rates usually bring less demand which means
prices fall and that usually leads to lower inflation. You may spend less which could mean you
save more!
What to do with the money you have already invested and will be putting away.
Depending on what type of investor you are. Perhaps you are conservative. Well, for you there
may be an increase in fixed rates. If you are aggressive you may find opportunities with those
companies or sectors that can handle higher interest rates, and historically have done so.
To help get a handle on this and what can be a great place to start is attending our weekly IFW
retirement roadmap webinar.  Oh, you don’t need to worry about interest rates for this, it’s free,
every Wednesday at 7 pm EST.




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