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Things Are Changing, Everything’s The Same!

With change being the only constant, what do I do?

We know the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

This is especially true when it comes to money and retirement.  What do I mean?  While the world is always changing, and boy is it changing right now…the questions and concerns about retirement have not changed much at all.  And I have been doing this a LONG TIME!   These three themes are constantly top of mind on pretty much every pre-retiree regarding retirement!

1 – Taxes

What strategies are out there for me to pay zero in taxes, like a Roth IRA

2 –  Market Volatility

How to avoid the, well not so much the “highs”, but definitely the “lows” of the markets, perhaps by using a volatility buffer.

3 – Running out of money

What things can you do to make sure you don’t outlive your income by considering something like a fixed indexed annuity.

To help get a handle on this and what can be a great place to start is attending our weekly IFW retirement roadmap webinar.  Oh, it’s free, every Wednesday at 7 pm EST.  

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