Artie Bernaducci

Today, with people living longer than ever before in history, one of the biggest concerns on the
minds of retirees and Baby Boomers is running out of income in retirement.

It is the No. 1 concern of many Americans. Only 20 percent of people are worried about dying, but 58 percent worry about not having enough income in retirement.*

While there is no easy fix to address these concerns, often having a plan in place—a written plan — can help reduce worry about the unknown or unpredictable by making them known and predictable.

You may find that you need a guide at this point in your life now that will provide you with the strategies to help you such as:

• Building your lifetime income plan, so you don’t run out at the time you need it most.
• Protect yourself against the financial risks that can deplete your retirement savings.
• Ensure you have an income strategy custom-designed for your specific needs and goals.

These are the types of services I have been working on in my favorite profession for our generation since 1991 and the reason why I formed the Retiring Baby Boomer Group, LLC.

So, after going to college for 4 years and getting a degree, it was hard to find work in what I was trained for. My next move was joining my dad in his masonry business. After a year I went in business for myself and ran my own successful company for 11 years.

At this point, my parents were getting older and were wondering about retiring, In addition, I had a young family and thought it might be a good idea to find another field to work in. In seeing all the questions my parents had, piqued my interest and before I knew it, I entered the world of finance.

From then on, it was about supporting pre- and post-retirees with the retirement knowledge they need to get through this stage of life as successfully as possible. To that end, we hold seminars on Retirement Income planning, Social Security, Medicare, and Identity Theft.

Being passionate about these subjects, I have been involved in completing several books. The two main ones are: Strategies to Create Lifetime Income for Baby Boomers and the Baby Boomer Retirement Roadmap.

Lastly, I am very happily married to my best friend Monica, and we have 4 adult children and 4 grandsons that we adore. In addition, my life focus is on my family, bodybuilding, yoga and meditation, marketing, veganism, and “paying it forward.”


The Retiring Baby Boomer Group, LLC ia a financial services group offering insurance products and solutions. We are not affiliated with any government agency and do not offer tax or legal advice. Insurance product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing company.



  • Retirement Income Strategist
  • Licensed Insurance Agent


  • Creating maximum income that lasts a lifetime by identifying the right withdrawal method to use. (There are 12)
  • Programs to replace the Social Security income you'll lose when one spouse dies.
  • Utilizing recent research that points out how to get the highest return with the least amount of risk.
  • Paying less on the taxes you pay on your IRA and retirement account withdrawals, as well as on investment income.

Artie Bernaducci

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