Claudia Fair

Claudia Fair Co-founder of Compass Rose Financial Services. Like many of us, comes from humble beginnings. Born and raised in rural Ensenada, Mexico, she arrived in America at the age of 10. Until this time, she never attended school and only knew her native language. However, she persevered.

Throughout her educational journey, with the help of exceptional teachers and mentors, she accomplished all her academic and professional goals. To become the mechanical engineer she is today.

During her career as an engineer, she has been blessed with many opportunities. Her accomplishments include designing rocket propulsion test stands and their fuel delivery systems. These special programs were supplied to the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base. Despite her many professional achievements, Claudia has also maintained her focus on personal activities that bring her life meaning and fulfilment. With an unlimited capacity for love, kindness, and empathy, for all who enter her circle of influence, she provides a metaphorical incubator that allows each person to become their best self. Continuing with her enthusiasm for knowledge and desire to help others has brought her to the Financial Industry. From Mechanical Engineer to Financial Professional, her love for numbers and finding solutions plays right into the financial industry. Her skills for seeing the problem and finding the solutions is one of her greatest strengths.


  • 215 Life, Heath & Annuity


  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Claudia Fair

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