Dan Mechem

Dan Mechem is a seasoned financial, and media and entertainment executive, with an illustrious and varied career. He is the founder and CEO of a boutique wealth advisory called “The Money Protector”.
In parallel, Mechem is Executive Producer for several feature films currently in development, and has been instrumental in raising $100 million to finance these projects. Mechem is co-chairman of Mechem Media, a television, animation and feature film company that creates original intellectual properties. Mechem shares chairman duties with his father, Charles.

Charles Mechem was CEO of Taft Broadcasting, a Cincinnati company, which owned Hanna Barbera for many years. Taft started the uber successful (and still on the air) “Entertainment Tonight” television show with Paramount, and helped finance the BET network with owner and now billionaire Bob Johnson. Taft had a successful exit when the company was sold to Ted Turner.

Earlier in his career, Dan Mechem served as the VP and GM for a division of Nielsen, the largest research company in the world. Dan lead the company’s efforts in the media/entertainment space, managing and nurturing Nielsen’s relationships with the Hollywood movie studios, TV networks and gaming companies.
Later in his career, Mechem served as Senior Vice President for Unit 9, a London based agency with offices worldwide. Unit 9 recently won 2019 Ad Age Production company of the year.

Mechem began his career as Press Secretary for John McCain in Washington D.C. and followed that as White House and Congressional correspondent for Capital Broadcasting. Mechem then became a political and investigative reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia, where he was a multiple Emmy award- winning on-air correspondent for seven years.

Mechem has been a resident of La Quinta, California for 10 years, happily married to wife Eliana, and blessed with two stepdaughters: Romina and Alma, and two eccentric, needy cats.


  • 215 Life, Heath & Annuity
  • Retirement Planning Specialist


  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Social Security Maximization
  • Tax Reduction
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Dan Mechem

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