Darlene Munson & Chris O Connor

Darlene and Chris have owned and operated their own business since the 80’s, helping people reach their goals. These businesses include a SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm and Broker Dealer; a Commodities IB, Commodities Trading Advisory; Insurance agency and a Domestic and an International Hedge Fund.

With 5 offices and over 60 licensed representatives, they have helped thousands of clients make more money, pay less taxes and pass on more, all with less risk. The primary goal of Darlene and Chris is to help their clients live a better quality of life by using Asset Protection Techniques.

These Asset Protection Techniques include four major areas: Investment & Income Protection, Income Tax Reduction, Health & Long-Term Care Protection, and Estate Protection.

Their goal is to not only to improve the quality of life for their clients, but to make an impact for multiple generations to come, and ultimately have peace of mind.


  • Certified Financial Fiduciary®
  • Life, Heath & Annuity
  • Retirement Planning Specialist


  • Investment & Income Protection
  • Income Tax Reduction
  • Health & LTC Protection
  • Estate Protection

Darlene Munson

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