Joel Northam

Joel Northam has a love of finance that started when he became entrepreneur. In 2008, he started a business that grew to 12 million a year in sales. As CFO, he was responsible for the financial planning of the business as well as the planning of his 250 employees. This included health and life insurance as well as retirement accounts and needs. He also opened 2 orphanages in Haiti, directly funded an orphanage in India and was involved in many philanthropic ventures in the states. When he exited his business in 2018, he decided he wanted to continue helping people decode the pitfalls of retirement.

“We don’t always know where risk comes from or what it looks like but it’s there”

Joel graduated The University of Michigan with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a concentration in finance. He understands the value of statistical modeling and how it relates to living a desirable retirement. He believes using financial instruments that reduce risk offer a better chance at a fulfilling retirement. He enjoys working with people that understand small adjustments can statistically put you on a better path to a more rewarding retirement.

When asked about his investing philosophy, Joel said “Most people don’t have a plan with their money, they just hope it grows. Hope is not a strategy. It’s as if their money is a ship out on the ocean and which ever way the wind blows, that’s where their money goes. Most people aren’t aware that it doesn’t have to be that way”.

When he is not helping people reach their financial goals, Joel likes to spend time with his wife and 3 children, coaching soccer and flyfishing. In his down time, you will find him staying current with economic trends and financial topics. He resides near Ann Arbor Michigan.


  • Registered Financial Advisor
  • Life & Health Licensed
  • Annuity Licensed


  • Retirement Income Specialist
  • Wealth & Estate Planning
  • Insurance Services

Joel Northam

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