Joseph Abbondante

Joseph Abbondante grew up in Brooklyn, New York and was a middle child with an older sister named Anna and a younger brother named George. For Joe, as his friends and family call him, recalls his family’s frequent trips back to Italy after having left to migrate to the United States in the 60’s. Joe’s parents wanted to remain connected to their roots as they were the only ones to move from Italy to the United States. Among his very fond memories, Joe also likes to share when his father would take the family on long walks along the Hudson River Trail that begins beneath the Verrazano Bridge and spans along on to five miles.

In his spare time, Joe loves to play sports and remain active. He is on multiple over-age-fifty softball leagues, plays tennis, and has recently started taking up stickball, a game synonymous to growing up in New York. In his years of service, Joe always makes it a point to always put himself in the shoes on those he tries to help. He values being objective and open-minded as for him, no two persons are the same. And this mindset is essential in making clients feel important and comfortable.

Joe has been featured in a number of articles and has presented Adult Financial Education to schools, local universities, non-profit organizations. Joe shares his money and resources to children’s hospitals namely St. Jude’s Children Hospital and Shriners Children Hospital. Joe also volunteers his time in assisting our veterans become more financially literate. Joe also recently became passionate about another charity named Tunnel 2 Towers (T2T). A foundation that builds homes for free for Veterans, law enforcement officers, and firefighters who have been seriously wounded or disabled. T2T was founded after the 9/11

Joe asks that everyone finds it in their heart to help, even a little bit, to these 3 charities. For him, children are our future, many Veterans have sacrificed their lives and well-being for our freedom, and the police force along with firefighters have kept us and our liberties safe. They surely deserve and have earned our help!




Joseph Abbondante

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