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Michael Cook has spent more than three decades in financial services as an entrepreneur in San Antonio. He started his own agency 25 years ago, and has been independent for the last 20 years. “We chose to become independent, because that allows us to focus completely on our client without any distractions. It gives us a better approach in terms of what fits best for each individual, instead of a one-size-fits all approach,” Mike says. Mike’s firm, NGB Financial, has a history of working with large and small business owners with their retirement planning, and still has a division that design employer plans. But they have migrated more toward retirement planning for individual families in the last two decades or so, as they saw the need increasing. “We like to help take the confusion out of planning for retirement and prefer to focus on strategies that provide the Sure Thing instead of a Maybe,” he says. Mike received his business degree in economics from Sam Houston State University (SHSU). He married his high school sweetheart, Karan, 40 years ago and they have two daughters—Mike loves golfing as well as exploring the great biking trails around the San Antonio area.

There are many obstacles facing today’s retirees and people preparing for retirement. Juggling worries and questions—will I receive Social Security benefits with the rise in the number of retired Baby Boomers? How can I afford to pay the costs of increasing medical expenses as well as rising healthcare costs? Will I run out of money in my retirement? These questions are all valid and may often raise significant concerns. ⦿ Increase retirement cash flow ⦿ Provide tax-free vehicles for retirement cash flow ⦿ Generate returns on currently idle assets ⦿ Avoid probate ⦿ Managing RMD’s to pass as a Legacy to family members Retirement is the time in our lives for each of us to set out on our dreams and make them come true. NGB Financial can help you get there! Together, our staff will work with you to build a customized financial plan. We will review it on a quarterly basis and continue to look for growth opportunities to help ensure that your investments are working for your current needs.


  • Employee benefits specialist
  • Retirement Specialist
  • Financial Representative


  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management

Michael Cook

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