Michael Gallahue

IFW Financial Professional Michael Gallahue
  • Massachusetts

Michael Gallahue began his career over 30 years ago working for John Hancock Financial Services followed by Ameriprise Financial Services as a Certified Financial Planner. While dedicated to financial planning and listening to his customers needs, Michael continued his professional growth as an Independent insurance agent and certified senior advisor. Through years of training and educating himself on investments, stock market trends and ever changing tax laws, his experience allows him to provide his clients with the retirement investment strategy that meet the needs of that individual.

In an ever changing market and tax structure, Michael is passionate about informing his clients how to protect their portfolio from market fluctuations and over taxation, while minimizing asset risks and preventing distribution mistakes.

Michael is a life-long learner and a passionate exercise and outdoor adventurer. His goal is to live a long healthy life, supporting he and his loved ones comfortably beyond his retirement years.


  • Independent Licensed Insurance Agent
  • Certified Senior Advisor
  • Independent Investment Advisor


  • Annuity Specialist
  • Life Insurance
  • Tax Free Retirement Planning
  • Fund Distribution
  • Risk Management

Michael Gallahue

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