Neal Sherwood

IFW Financial Professional Neal Sherwood
  • Virginia

Neal Sherwood has been privileged to counsel many people across the country for the past 20 years. He specializes in helping people near retirement, or now in retirement, build retirement plans so they can live their best lives in retirement without the constant worry about their nest egg investments. Neal believes the financial services industry is failing today’s retirees with outdated strategies that may have worked in the past but are failing in today’s rapidly changing times.

He favors using planning strategies that incorporate math and historical data to build plans that have the highest probability of success in both good and bad markets. His plans include a balance of risk reduction with growth, lifetime income you can’t outlive, tax reduction strategies and legacy plans to optimize what you leave behind to your loved ones.

This fresh approach ensures a comfortable stress free retirement regardless of market cycles, and other variables beyond a retiree’s control. Neal’s goal for every retiree is “don’t worry retire happy”.


  • Retirement Income Specialist
  • Life, Accident & Health Licensed
  • Annuity & Long Term Care Licensed


  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Asset Maximization
  • Wealth Protection
  • Annuity Specialist

Neal Sherwood

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