Scott Whatley

In 2020 Scott founded Paradigm Capital to focus on bettering family’s futures. This includes retirement planning, budgeting, estate, and legacy planning, and much more.
We take a comprehensive approach when it comes to client’s personal financial plan, bringing Wallstreet concepts to mainstream America.

Paradigm Capital has experience helping people with few assets, and clients with healthy portfolios.Giving American families a sound financial plan with total transparency inspires Scott and the team at Paradigm Capital. As Scott says, “Creating a plan that is going to work for them in the future fuels me. Protecting families financially from all areas of liability is my driving purpose.”

Having seen families that were not prepared when life challenges occurred, and the results that can be devastating, they believe their job is to protect you and your family from financial circumstances that may have been overlooked, as well as support your family’s day-to-day life needs in the future.

By providing this type of financial education and having frank conversations, Scott & Paradigm Capital can help develop solutions to cover all areas of financial opportunity and protection from potential future issues.
When not collaborating with clients, Scott is active with his family, attending sporting events and doing a lot of outdoor activities, activities in their church, and spending quality time with family and friends. He has three children. Logan and Jacob are 15-year-old twins with different birthdates. The baby in the family is 6-year-old daughter Brynleigh.


  • Retirement Strategist
  • Life / Health & Annuity Licensed


  • Income Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Planning Strategies

Scott Whatley

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