Shawn Maloney

We help clients to grow their retirement savings while protecting it from fees & market risk, so they can retire happy!

Customized, proven & holistic strategies designed to meet your goals and risk tolerance. We analyze your situation to make personalized recommendations, building long and short-term strategies that help you realize your retirement success.

Every successful retirement/financial plan starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include providing unmatched service and exceeding our client’s expectations.
As a fiduciary, we make sure your best interest is always upheld.

We believe in being transparent and educating clients as we go, not just throwing numbers and a plan at you. Part of the planning also includes what else goes into your retirement happiness and wellbeing, beyond the finances.

The roadmap to a happy retirement has never been clearer. It’s simply a matter of shifting your approach! Today, retirement is very different from that of our parents and grandparents. We will show you the facts, risks and problems facing retirees today and the solutions to these retirement planning problems, to help you “Retire Happy” and secure your retirement.


Retirement planning & Strategy

Complimentary Consultation

Social Security Optimization 

Personal Financial Consulting/Coaching

Retirement Protection

Roll Overs (401k’s & IRA’s…)

Retirement Wellbeing for retirement happiness




  • Certified Retirement Specialist
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Licensed Agent


  • Retirement Planning & Strategy
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Personal Financial Consulting/Coaching
  • Retirement Protection
  • Roll Overs (401k's & IRA's…)

Shawn Maloney

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