Tawni Bennett

Tawni Bennett is an Independent General Agent, and member of NAIFA-Dallas, who Educates Consumers on the Astonishing Power that Insurance plays in their Financial Planning, and then helps them put those plans into action. (Many times, people are shocked to understand that Insurance plays a huge role in their Financial Planning, at all)!
Tawni has a proven and long history of strong personal ethics and strict dedication to exemplary customer service and is personally endorsed by Tom Hegna himself.  Helping her clients, who she never forgets are *REAL people, just like her*, achieve the best financial positioning and outcomes for both their lives and into retirement … is her passion!

There is MUCH incorrect Information that has been spread and believed regarding these topics, and it has caused real life, and sometimes tragic financial consequences. Tawni passionately aims to Educate Consumers and her Clients with truthful information and facts so that they can make accurate and informed financial decisions. These tragic outcomes can be avoided and changed very simply: with factual education, and proper planning.

Tawni thankfully attributes to the Grace of God, that she has been consistently blessed to work for and partner with some of the most intelligent, experienced, award winning, respected and ethical professionals, in past experience and current.
Tawni’s decision to become an Independent Agent was rooted in her firm ethical beliefs, which caused her to intentionally, professionally position herself in a manner that specifically allows her loyalties to forever stay true to the most important business aspect of all: The best interest of her clients!

Prior to becoming an Agent, Tawni filled an Executive Management Role that included Management of Accounting, HR, Payroll, Health Insurance, Benefits and Retirement, Purchasing, Company Training, Vendor and Customer Contract Negotiations for a Highly Respected and Award Winning Small Business in the Computer Hardware Industry for over 20 years.  Additionally, Tawni has Personal Experience with Complicated Multi State Probate, Patient Advocacy, (Her own Mom) through her Miraculous Covid 19, full gamut healing battle) and is a successful and Highly Rated Small Business Owner in the Vacation Rental Property Industry as well.
Tawni brings to and relates to her clients, through her true life, in field experience, and has “been through the trenches”, successfully navigating and helping others navigate life’s challenges for years!

When not helping Clients, Coaching, Training or Consulting Others:  Tawni enjoys spending time with her fiancé, family and friends, her two small dogs, and almost anything and everything that revolves around water or nautical:  pools, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, boating, swimming, seashore strolls, seashells, dolphins, whales, and even brings home beach sand from vacations!


  • Financial Professional
  • Retirement Specialist



Tawni Bennett

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