Todd Friedman

IFW Financial Professional Todd Friedman IFW Financial Professional Todd Friedman

As seen on Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and other major media outlets, I’m the Founder of The Peaceful Portfolio™️, a simply better way to invest and an ideal volatility buffer. Picture this, no longer worrying about your investments! Peaceful Portfolio™️ features guaranteed protection from loss, potential for industry leading growth and no advisor fees.

Equipped with an engineering degree from West Point and experience solving complex problems and achieving success in diverse industries, I’ve cracked the code on designing and implementing solutions for optimal investment and insurance needs.

As once said by the famous philosopher Plato, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” After building personal wealth and decades working with different investment advisors and insurance agents, I was compelled to become a licensed expert and put all the pieces together for myself.

I provide a service-oriented business to help others gain this same “peace of mind” when it comes to investment and insurance strategies.

I specialize in helping clients that are frustrated trying to navigate the complex and confusing investment and insurance landscape.

With a passion for helping others, I enjoy sharing the investment and insurance solutions that I personally use to help clients gain much deserved peace of mind. My goal is to bringing clarity and confidence to client insurance needs and asset and tax diversification.

I decided to serve as an Independent Agent, since it allows me access to the best available products in the industry in support of my clients.

My goal is to be a trusted and transparent resource for my clients. Clients NEVER pay me a fee and I’m compensated by the firms of the products I represent and 100% of client funds are always invested in their selected products.

When possible, we’ll meet in-person, however with my 100% Virtual Services, we can work together without you leaving your home!


  • Retirement Planner
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Annuity Specialist



Todd Friedman

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