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IFW Financial Professional Wayne Davis
  • Illinois

Wayne P. Davis is a well-known financial educator throughout Illinois & Wisconsin.

His career spans over 40 years. His retirement and estate planning seminars have been widely attended by adult students throughout Northern Illinois. Wayne has also lectured on financial topics such as traditional and Roth IRA strategies, avoiding probate, minimizing taxes, Women’s Financial solutions, compelling reasons to annually review money issues, annuity and life insurance basics, social security claiming strategies, as well as long-term care planning.

Wayne is a U.S. Army veteran that was honorably discharged in 1971. He is a father to Eric, a CEO in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and to his daughter Lindsey, who is a practicing minister in Minnesota. His only hobby is spoiling his 6 grandchildren, ranging from ages 12 to 7 (3 boys, 3 girls, he enjoys his time with the grandkids but can hand them back over to the parents). Wayne has been a member of the First Free Church for over 20 years. He lives with his dog Biscuit in Rockford, Illinois, for over 35 years (but Biscuit is not that old). In the winter, Wayne enjoys boating in the Caribbean.

Wayne studied and completed his B.A. at Illinois State University, and his M.S. in Charitable Financial Planning from Purdue University. He also wrote books on annuities and life insurance, is a member of MDRT, and has been a member of WHO’S WHO BUSINESS PUBLICATION. He also has advised business owners on large-case premium financing strategies to create large long-term tax-preferred income for people with serious tax issues.

Wayne has completed a multitude of national financial and insurance accreditations such as CLU, CHFC, LTCP, HIAAI, II, III, IV, and many more. Wayne has been awarded Million Dollar Round Table for more than 25 years and is an MRDT Honor Roll member. In 2001, Wayne experienced a serious life-threatening stroke while playing basketball. His recovery lasted months, as he had to re-learn how to speak and walk. The recovery gave him time to re-establish his many financial skills and that was when he completed the Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant accreditations.

Wayne’s body of work in his investment and financial practice is now heading into his 5th decade, only seeming to raise the level of quality of service to his clients. His client base is diverse and spans throughout the United States. His clients know he uses his GTTP strategy to get to the bottom of core problems in a prompt fashion. People come to the Wayne Davis Agency often through referral, as his track record of providing safe and effective retirement planning is most notable. They come to Wayne for his successful and proven strategies.

Wayne has been known to always promise to reveal at least one significant problem in a prospect’s financial affairs, with a solution that will ensure a better outcome.


  • Retirement Income Specialist
  • Life, Accident & Health Licensed
  • Annuity & Long Term Care Licensed


  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Asset Maximization
  • Wealth Protection
  • Annuity Specialist

Wayne Davis

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