IFW Retirement Guide

Welcome to the IFW Retirement Guide.  Your most comprehensive resource for all things retirement.  Learn valuable retirement strategies, browse the latest news and videos, register for the #1 retirement education webinar, use our array of retirement calculators!

Get answers to the most common retirement questions, and more!

IFW 401(k) Savings & Investment Guide

Welcome to the IFW 401(k) Savings & Investment Guide. Your most comprehensive resource for all things 401(k). Learn valuable retirement strategies, browse the latest news and videosregister for the #1 401(k) webinar, use our array of 401(k) calculators!

Learn more on the most common 401(k) questions!

College Savings Plans By Sootchy

By combining innovative financial technology, the power of community gifting, and tax-efficient investments, Sootchy’s mobile app makes it easy to help a child, grandkid, or other loved one save for college.

Clients who download the Sootchy app are able to open a tax-advantaged 529 Education Savings Account in a matter of minutes.  What’s more, the client can utilize Sootchy’s gifting feature to leverage the power of family and friends to help fund a child’s education goals.  Contributions to these 529 Accounts grow tax-deferred and can be withdrawn tax-free for qualified education expenses at colleges, trade schools, universities, and other educational institutions.

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Student Loan Resource Partners

IFW is proud to present the below experts and thought leaders in student loan support. Each partner has unique expertise and value in their work. We encourage you to explore which partner is the best fit for your needs. Our IFW Relationship Coordinators are available for any questions or concerns you may have.

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Accounting & Tax Support

Stephanie Bestulich, CPA is a founding member and Partner of CCBP.  

She has over 13 years of public accounting experience, specializing in domestic and international tax compliance and advisory services.  Stephanie brings experience with a variety of clients and industries in the Miami Marketplace.

Click here to learn more about Ceballos, Ceballos, Bestulich & Padron Certified Public Accountants.


Debt Management’s team of experts – with more than century of experience among them – has helped thousands of Americans get out of debt by matching them with proven, ethical solutions. To keep them out of debt, our staff provides detailed financial advice through the written word, video, animation, interactive calculators, and infographics – because everyone learns differently. also connects consumers with professional debt solutions from companies that abide by its strict Code of Ethics and will help Americans get on the path to financial freedom.

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The IFWA is committed to providing valuable financial education and planning solutions to everyone in the arts & entertainment industry. Every IFWA coach follows a collaborative and confidential six-step process based on each individual’s unique set of financial circumstances, needs, and goals.

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~ Kristin Chenoweth, Actress, Singer, Performer & IFWA Board Member
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